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On the list of industries that are asking for disruption, pleasure crafts don’t make everyone’s Top 10. But Ranger, one of the most respected names in the bass fishing world, saw an opportunity in pontoon boats. They turned to Big Day to introduce a new product and lifestyle brand to an audience that didn’t know they were interested. 


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Video Production

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Introducing a new type of vessel to an audience with deep-seated traditions would be tough. So, we didn’t try to upend their way of doing things. Our “Quality of Life, Carefully Crafted” campaign was aimed at anglers who had done their time in cramped boats and were ready to graduate to more comfort, luxury and quality time with family on the water. Big Day developed the brand and created the campaign assets for video, print and online media.

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It’s easy to assume that a picture of a boat on the water is a picture of a boat on the water. But, we knew that we were dealing with a discerning audience that valued a brand that understood their local waterways. That’s why we did our campaign shoots in four different locations—Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas and Florida. This ensured we could tailor our visuals so that our prospective buyers in different geographies had an easier time seeing themselves at the helm of a Reata pontoon boat.