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Next Stop: The Unknown

Neverseen is luxury travel company that focuses on unique adventures to desolate destinations rarely seen by everyday tourists. They asked Big Day to lay the strategic and design foundation for their brand as they went to market.


Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Identity Design
Collateral Design

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Defining a brand from the ground up is a big responsibility. You are creating something that will shape a company for years to come. Fortunately for us, this ask was right in our wheelhouse. We love travel and were constantly inspired by the Neverseen destinations and imagery we had to work with. That made restraint key as we developed their logo, global brand system and collateral for digital and offline use.

Homepage Images Neverseen Logo
Homepage Images Neverseen Poster
Homepage Images Neverseen Poster
Homepage Images Neverseen Poster
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The usual course of action is to make a logo that people can see. But knowing the ethos of Neverseen—to uncover parts of the world that are rarely experienced—made us challenge ourselves to create a logo that was nearly invisible. And we did just that. The best part is that, just like the destinations themselves, once discovered, the logo sticks with you and is impossible to unsee.