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Edge4 is changing sports recruiting forever with a proprietary system that provides scouts and coaches with a deeper psychological evaluation of athletic recruits. They turned to Big Day to create a brand identity and app that would make their platform credible to the highest-level programs in the nation.


Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Art Direction
UX/UIApp Design
Website Design

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Sports. Science. Tech. Sign us up. We knew that we had to create a brand and app experience that was appealing to people who live and breath athletics, but also intuitive enough for the less-tech-savvy to get the most out of the technology. The result was a beautiful balancing act that offers the visual punch of SportsCenter with the hard-hitting data of Bloomberg Business Week.

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It would be easy to rely on stock photography to showcase the athletic aspect of their brand. But Edge4 is all about intangibles, so we needed to ensure that our photos extracted the emotion and drive that separates great athletes from the also-rans. In the end, we recruited real athletes whose desire to win bursts through your screen.