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Zygo is a tech company with a headset that allows people to stream audio underwater, making pool time way more interesting. No more humming the theme from Rocky for 45 minutes. Now you can swim while listening to audio from your favorite music and podcast apps, or stream custom workouts from Zygo’s own instructors. To bring their breakthrough “Peloton of the Pool” technology to life, they asked us to create a series of brand videos, email campaigns, and organic social content.
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Swimming is a massive untapped market. Running, biking, rowing. They’ve all been in the spotlight and been given a thorough once-over technology-wise. Since Zygo was a first-mover in underwater streaming and fitness coaching, the prospect of helping to put them on the map was exciting. We knew the creative would have to work extremely hard: we had to develop campaigns and content that set up the problem (swimming can get a little boring) and the solution (no other device enables Bluetooth to penetrate water) with maximum efficiency, all while also introducing a training subscription model.

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Instead of reducing our ads to explainers that broke down how the technology works and how it can benefit the user, we focused on building a brand with an point of view and attitude. Then we brought that to life with high-end visuals and motion graphics. In doing so, we turned Zygo’s incredibly complex technology into something that anyone can understand and that even casual swimmers would want.