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Grilling Up Growth

We were fortunate to partner with The Kebab Shop when they had a single restaurant in San Diego. They came to Big Day looking to elevate their brand and potential with a fresh new identity system and marketing campaign. Several ‘research’ kebabs later, we went to work and fired up a new look and attitude that has helped catapult them to over 20 locations in 6 cities (and counting).


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The Kebab Shop Crave Change Burger Low


Our partnership with TKS started with a complete reinvention of their brand. We took it from “just another Mediterranean grill” to one with a bold point of view that challenges people to break out of the daily food rut and Crave Change. The new attitude touched everything from the look of the storefront to menu design.

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When your brand comes out swinging, you need to back it up. So we developed a marketing campaign that met the competition head on. Using striking juxtapositions, we highlighted the mundane choices hungry consumers tend to fall back on and then hit them with a dose of flame-grilled deliciousness. The opportunity to create a rallying cry to inspire this family-owned chain was rewarding beyond the sales it drove.