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High-Tech Marketing on the High Seas

As the world's most innovative cruise line, Royal Caribbean Group (RCG) is constantly introducing new tools and features that will make it faster and easier for travel partners to do business with them. RCG tapped Big Day to help promote a vast array of tech-driven tools and features to travel agents across North America.


Little known fact: the majority of cruises are booked by travel agents. That’s because cruises are inherently complex, with many specifics to consider, and expert knowledge is the key to a great vacation. As Royal Caribbean Group’s B2B marketing partner, our goal is to build awareness and loyalty among travel agents for their proprietary cruise reservation system and other digital automation support tools.


Booking a flight online is easy. Booking a flight for a group of cruise travelers each arriving from a different airport, with different loyalty memberships and seating requirements that will get them to the port on time…not so much. To let the industry know that Royal Caribbean Group had evolved online air booking to be fully integrated with cruise reservation experience, we created a multi-channel campaign that featured striking visuals and simple, direct messaging.


Ship Locator is a simple tool with powerful benefits for travel partners and their clients. It lets agents find the perfect sailing for their clients by using an interactive map to search by ship name, port of call or destination. To introduce this new search feature to travel agents, we leveraged the interactive and exploratory nature of mobile map applications to create a campaign that was as informative as it was compelling.


Cruising can be rife with clichés. But not with Big Day. We don’t show retired couples overlooking balconies. And we don’t bore with interfaces. We make technology and tools come alive with captivating design and language. That’s one of the reasons why digital adoption among our travel partners is exceeding goals, taking pressure of our client’s internal resources and saving everyone time and money.