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Cooking Up Brand Awareness

After helping HexClad reposition their brand and define a new look and feel, it was time to get the word out in a big (day) way. They had never done a national broadcast commercial and asked us to take it on. Knowing that their product was completely unique to the category, we couldn’t wait. Oh, and did we mention that Gordon Ramsay was willing to be in the spot? Casting just got a little easier.


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Creative Direction
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Hexclad – Hybrid Revolution High Handle


Most people think all cookware is created equal. But HexClad uses patented technology to combine the benefits of stainless steel, cast iron, and non-stick in one. To introduce these revolutionary products to a broader audience, we created a commercial that leans into people’s desire to own the latest and greatest technology. We then turned the spot on its head with a perfectly timed record-scratch moment, amplified by the one-and-only Gordon Ramsay, who takes them into the world of HexClad and everything its breakthrough cookware has to offer.

Hexclad – Hybrid Revolution High Copy Mylyn
Hexclad – Hybrid Revolution High Pan
Hexclad – Hybrid Revolution High Copyend
Hexclad – Hybrid Revolution High

The Hexagon

To bring the benefits of HexClad hybrid technology to life, we used ultra-detailed CG to give users a macro tour of how the hexagonal pattern etched into the pans allows them to do what they do—a tour that ends dramatically with a frying pan in the hands of the one-and-only Gordon Ramsay.

Hexclad Hexagon High
Hexclad Hexagon High
Hexclad Hexagon High
Hexclad Hexagon High


The ability to shoot with the legendary Gordon Ramsay offered a tempting opportunity to make the commercial all about him. But we had the confidence to use him with restraint, knowing that we had such a unique and innovative product to show off. We made sure the spot focused heavily on the cookware and used Gordon Ramsay to introduce and amplify its performance benefits.