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Turning Dreams Into Reality

Casper gave us the nod to help their team bring to life a whimsical brand campaign that showcased the wonder and magic behind their process of building the perfect mattress—what they call “a dream machine.” To draw attention to Casper’s sleep innovations and put them on the same plane as other premium mattress brands, we knew we needed to take an approach that made product education charming and impossible to ignore.


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The idea was simple (in theory): Let’s invite people into the magical world of Casper, where dreams are made using the finest and most modern mattress-making techniques (and some wonderfully imaginative machinery). The result is a fantastical trip through a CG world of make-believe that leads the viewer to the very real benefits of choosing a Casper mattress. Blending CGI with real-world footage, we helped turn sleeping into an art form.

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It would have been easy to limit ourselves to one style of film, but we combined both CGI and live action to provide more impact for the transformation from dream factory to reality. We created a magical transition moment between the two film styles through a phantom camera/slow-motion scene of a sleeper gently falling into bed. It was tricky to shoot, but well worth the effort when viewed in the final piece.