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Turning useless information into a very helpful campaign

Guru is a fast-growing SAAS company that helps businesses cut through information clutter so their employees can work more efficiently and effectively. They turned to Big Day to create their first-ever brand awareness campaign in three major tech-savvy markets.


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Too many emails. Too many pings. We’re constantly bombarded with information that we don’t need. So how do you make CTOs and knowledge workers aware of the negative impact useless information overload has on businesses and their bottom lines? By overloading them with useless information, of course. We took full advantage of the high-volume media plan to create attention-grabbing headlines that informed our audience that, yes, they are, in fact, reading a billboard. Or that, no, they are currently not on the bus that’s driving by. We took full advantage of time and place to humorously bring to life the plight of the information overloaded. And our target audience appreciated the message.

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The campaign had great traction and momentum as the OOH executions started peppering the three major cities that were targeted. But we really knew we had the right message for the right audience when we happened upon some of our work on one of our favorite Instagram feeds.



We turned the massive media buy the client had for this campaign into part of the concept. Mimicking how we’re overloaded with useless information at all times, we filled the billboards with headlines that represented that type of “useless information” that Guru helps eliminate. Across three large cities, people were reminded of how often they deal with information overload at work and learned that getting Guru can help them avoid it. Basically, we turned useless information into useful information.