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Atana has been a leader in workplace training for over 20 years. Previously known as Media Partners, their courses and training programs have improved employee behavior in over 1000 companies. But with a new name, as well as a breakthrough analytics engine, they needed a fresh look. They chose Big Day for a rebranding that incorporated their legacy of success, while also ushering them into a future highlighted by scientifically proven analysis.


Rebranding a company that’s been a leader in their space isn’t an everyday task. When Media Partners emerged as Atana, they needed their brand to help communicate the new company name and offerings to potential clients. We started from scratch and reimagined all the elements of their brand to ensure each was relevant to their customers, made them visually appealing, and provided clear, concise messaging. The opportunity to help revitalize this successful company from a branding perspective was a huge privilege for us to take on, and we’re incredibly proud of the results.


When you have a brand-new brand, you naturally want to share it with the world. We helped Atana do just that with a digital campaign that targeted Fortune 1000 companies and HR departments all across the country. Starting with teaser posts on social and their site, we then moved into the full launch phase with a series of emails, LinkedIn posts and a new website and messaging.


We wanted to steer them away from the typical design styles of the B2B industry. In updating their branding, we got work giving their new offerings, including a cutting-edge analytics engine, a more modern, distinguished presence. Creating a stand-out design was then essential to making the name change even more monumental. From big details like their logo and tagline, to little details like their colors and fonts, everything got the Big Day treatment and the clients absolutely loved it.